River Rafting

River rafting is one of the most preferred activities of Rishikesh. We specialize in Rishikesh river rafting and Camping. We are adventure travel and hospitality company in Rishikesh with Founders have an experience of more than ten years. We have a team of professional, friendly and experienced guide and staff who are always ready to serve you as per your requirement for river rafting and beach camping in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Rafting & Camping in Rishikesh

We offer exciting discount on Groups for Rishikesh rafting, beach camping, and sightseeing. We have many happy clients from Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. Other than that there are so many schools who regularly visit our camp to explore flora and fauna around it and encourage their student for team building activities. You can book your Rishikesh rafting group packages by phone call or by filling this online form.

Book Daily Rishikesh Rafting Trip

We are one of the few adventure travel company in Rishikesh who operate daily Rishikesh Rafting trip on river Ganga (Ganges) in Rishikesh. This river rafting trip is best for those who want to experience the real adventure tour of the river Ganga. Our daily river rafting trips are:

Rishikesh Rafting Season

The best time for Rishikesh rafting is in between September- December and February -July. Daily River Rafting Trips in Rishikesh

Full Day (Long Stretch)

35 Km., 6 to 7 hours, rapids class 3 & 4+ or 5 (advance)

Long Stretch

25 Km., 4 to 5 hours, rapids class 3 & 4 (advance)

Medium Stretch

18 Km., 3 hours, rapids class 3 & 4 (medium)

Small stretch

9 Km., 2 hours, rapids class 3 (Small)
Rapids on River Ganga in Rishikesh

  • Class 1 : These are slow- moving currents like ‘Cash Flow’ that are ideal for first timers.
  • Class 2: These are small waves like ‘Good Morning’ which are also perfect for first timers.
  • Class 3: Tourists who have tried white water rafting previously should try these rapids as sound technical know-how is essential to steer the raft for example ‘Three Blind Mice’.
  • Class 4: These rapids like ‘Golf Course’ have faster currents and bigger waves which make them ideal for tourists with more Rishikesh river rafting experience.
  • Class 5: These rapids like ‘The Wall’ have very fast currents and large waves which are best tackled by tourists who have good rafting experience.
  • Class 6: Rapids like ‘Suicidal’ that come in this category are best attempted by professional racing teams or by Rishikesh rafting veterans.

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